Assembrix has developed advanced SaaS solutions for the industrial 3D-printing domain. The software reduces printing costs by cutting down material usage and printing time. The software makes it easy for manufacturers to use remote industrial printers in an Amazon-AWS style, and enables efficient distribution of 3D-printing resources among different departments in a factory.

Assembrix’s solutions combine cutting-edge techniques in robotics, computational geometry and cloud computing.

Our Vision

Become a world leader of advanced SaaS solutions for the 3D printing industry.
We are fully committed to making this vision come true and to accelerate the 3D printing revolution.

We believe that the 3D printing process should be much more efficient.
Therefore, we have been developing a 3D platform that enables our clients to reduce printing costs, to increase production speed and reach better printouts quality. We do that by making the ultimate match between a model and a printer, using advanced algorithms and leveraging big data.