Assembrix developed a cloud-based platform that virtualizes industrial 3D printing enabling simpler, secured and more efficient production process. It oversees the entire additive manufacturing thread from the initial part model to the verified physical part and beyond. The platform enables to allocate and monitor manufacturing spaces of industrial 3D printers to multiple in-house users or external clients, leading to a fully automated and self-controlled process, higher utilization of the printers and higher ROI.

Our Vision

Become a worldwide leading platform for the management and optimization of the Digital Thread in Additive Manufacturing.

Our Technology

Assembrix’s platform enables to allocate manufacturing spaces of industrial 3D printers to multiple clients in real-time based on the specific geometry of the parts in order to enable efficient distribution of 3D printing resources. The platform employs state-of-the-art cloud-computing technology to enhance its print preparation capabilities, using cutting-edge geometric algorithms together with recent advances in algorithmic robotics.