Form 3D Foundry

We have been using Assembrix to nest our numerous and complex parts with great success. It made financial sense immediately. Increased computational power and speed is giving us excellent production flexibility as well as improved quoting abilities. The Assembrix service team is very responsive and went above and beyond to help us implement their platform.


UCT is cooperating with Assembrix Ltd. on its Virtual Manufacturing Space technology. “A growing number of our customers are successfully using the unique virtual 3D printers’ solution laid out by Assembrix, empowering them to readily send us prints of any size.” said Lavi Lev, UCT’s SVP Asia Operations. ``The innovative infrastructure allows UCT Singapore to allocate virtual manufacturing volumes in its 3D printers, and for our clients, industrial manufacturers, it enables sharing their designs, in an Airbnb-like ecosystem. In all, the system saves time and money, facilitates seamless communication with clients, optimizes planning and automates price quoting capabilities``.


The Assembrix platform helps us use our 3DSystems' Prox500 in an extremely efficient and cost effective way. Using the cloud-based solution, my team, which is located in several sites around the world, can work as if they are all next to the printer. The computing power seems unlimited, which in turn translates into remarkable nesting results in no time.