Virtual Manufacturing Space

Assembrix developed a platform that virtualizes industrial 3D printing enabling simpler, secured and more efficient production process. It oversees the entire additive manufacturing thread from the initial part model to the verified physical part and beyond.

The platform enables to allocate manufacturing spaces of industrial 3D printers to multiple clients in real-time based on the specific geometry of the parts, leading to higher utilization of the printers and in turn to higher ROI.

Printer Owners:

Allocate Manufacturing Spaces

Allocate vacant spaces within your printer and receive packed / occupied volumes from multiple in-house users and / or external clients.


Fully Automated and Self-Controlled Process

Forget about cluttered mailboxes with STL attachments. Assembrix lets you control all your orders in one central easy-to-use web application, accessible from any computer in any location.


Higher Utilization of the Printer

Increase productivity and ROI by selling unexploited spaces inside the printer to be used by others. Load-balance print jobs between multiple printers and multiple locations for higher profitability.


Your Own Virtual 3D Printer

Assembrix enables companies to rent virtual printers representing real physical printers, or portions thereof. This allows the renters to control and affect the printing process while eliminating heavy investment in expensive machines or the need to build dedicated facilities.


Access to Multiple Technologies

Assembrix VMS can connect the organization to different types of printers while constantly providing users access to the latest printing technologies.


Control Your Manufacturing Process Remotely

Assembrix VMS offers its users a cloud-based platform to remotely control the print preparation process and affect the printing process and result anywhere anytime.